New Noise: Gosteleradio, The Sensitive Drunks, Pomme Fritz, Kellua

Demos, singles, covers and found sounds mingle in this week’s roundup of Soundcloud offerings.

? Since Gosteleradio?s lushly 1960s-fixated [album](/releases/2000655) from 2010, the Melbourne band have released a pair of EPs. Last December’s four-song [Gold for the Ferryman](http://gosteleradio.bandcamp.com/album/gold-for-the-ferryman) is more of what we expect from the band: visions of the musical past stretched across widescreen vistas while half-hiding murkier waters. Case in point: the free-download second single ?Albion? starts off nice and Beach Boys-y but wigs out a bit down the track before harmonies swell again by way of redemption.

Albion by gr.gosteleradio

? The uncertain demo approach to ?Up Periscope? only fits the tender guitar-pop of Perth’s The Sensitive Drunks. It’s by all means a more primitive outing than the jangling single ?There She Goes? from last year’s debut LP [Hill and Hay](http://thesensitivedrunks.bandcamp.com/album/hill-and-hay), yet it works well with the song’s nakedly sweet subject matter. The band is built around the duo of guitarist Dave Wallace and singer Seb Guazzelli of [Veeline Records](http://veelinerecords.com), but plays and records as a four-piece.

up periscope by The Sensitive Drunks

? Surf-garage finds a frantic frontman in one Larry Wisefly, whose Melbourne quartet Pomme Fritz released a [self-titled EP](http://pommefritz.bandcamp.com) last year. Steeped in chaotic larrikin charms, it packs an ode to Roseanne Barr as well as an unlikely cover of Allen Toussaint’s ?Working in a Coalmine?. Also in existence in this [spectacular video](http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=8HmW7WkKr9Y&) for ?Hoo Ha?. See the band at Gasometer on Thursday, February 14 with Tyrannamen. It’s $5 on the door.


? Kellua is the side project of Simon Gardam from [Trjaeu](/articles/4526409), who focussed on this new outlet ?in the middle of a hazy Finnish winter [as] a sonic response to the white void and granular snow underfoot.? The resulting free-of-charge [Overfolds](http://kellua.bandcamp.com/) EP on Fallopian Tunes was made over four weeks from found sounds discovered via forests, tapes, computers and, ah, ?dusty moose bones.? Tracks like ?Roaming? turn a wavering and recombinant palette into the stuff of pocket-sized pastoral beauty.

Kellua – Roaming by Mess+Noise


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