M+N Readers Poll 2014

Our [critics](/articles/4680564) have had their say about the year’s best albums. Now it’s our readers? turn to pick the Top 50 of 2014.

1. Total Control
[Typical System](/releases/2001353)
(Iron Lung)

2. Blank Realm
[Grassed Inn](/releases/2001297)
(Bedroom Suck/Fire)

3. The Ocean Party
[Soft Focus](/releases/2001400)

4. NUN

5. Low Life
(R.I.P. Society)

6. Harmony
(Poison City)

7. You Beauty
[Jersey Flegg](/releases/2001311)
(Rice Is Nice)

8. Lowtide
(Lost & Lonesome)

9. East Brunswick All Girls Choir
[Seven Drummers](/releases/2001333)

10. Infinity Broke
[River Mirrors](/releases/2001334)
(Come to the Dark Side Luke/MGM)

11. Roku Music

12. Weak Boys

13. Twerps
[Underlay](/releases/2001376) EP

14. Ciggie Witch
[Rock and Roll Juice](/articles/4662401)

15. HTRK
[Psychic 9-5 Club](/releases/2001330)

16. Eastlink
[Mullum Mullum](/articles/4658762)

17. Laura Jean
[Laura Jean](/releases/2001378)

18. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
[I’m in Your Mind Fuzz](/releases/2001395)

19. Lower Plenty

20. Cool Sounds
[Melbourne Fashion](/articles/4670266)

21. Ausmuteants
[Order of Operation](/releases/2001396)

22. The Peep Tempel

23. Mere Women
[Your Town](/releases/2001366)

24. White Hex
[Gold Nights](/news/4660150)

25. The Smith Street Band
[Throw Me in the River](/releases/2001399)

26. Black Cab
[Games of the XXI Olympiad](/releases/2001401)

27. The Zebras

28. Augie March
[Havens Dumb](/releases/2001388)

29. Fair Maiden
[Fair Maiden](/releases/2001392)

30. Ela Stiles
[Ela Stiles](/releases/2001360)

31. Teeth & Tongue

32. Exhaustion

33. Straight Arrows

34. The Harpoons
[Falling For You](/releases/2001385)

35. Tiny Ruins
[Brightly Painted One](/releases/2001350)

36. SPOD
[Taste the Sadness](/news/4668486)

37. Peter Escott
[The Long O](/releases/2001371)

38. Geoffrey O’Connor
[Fan Fiction](/releases/2001372)

39. Old Mate
[It Is What It Is](/releases/2001377)

40. Richard in Your Mind

41. Lawrence English
[Wilderness of Mirrors](/releases/4658557)

42. Emma Russack
[You Changed Me](/releases/2001346)

43. Ruined Fortune
[Ruined Fortune](/releases/2001326)

44. #1 Dads
[About Face](/releases/2001391)

45. Sounds Like Sunset
[We Could Leave Tonight](/articles/2001374)

46. Ben Frost
[A U R O R A](/releases/4647388)

47. Tape/Off

48. Ivy St

49. Wireheads
[The Late Great Wireheads](/releases/2001356)

50. Footy