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News In Brief: Angelo Kehagias, Wood & Wire, HTRK, Life Aquatic

News posted Thursday, October 4 2012 at 03:00 PM.
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News In Brief: Angelo Kehagias, Wood & Wire, HTRK, Life Aquatic

– Photographer Angelo Kehagias’s exhibition Other Worlds opens tonight (Oct. 4) in Sydney. Kehagias got his start shooting a costumed Mercy Arms, an experience that “established the tone for Angelo's entire body of work.” Other Worlds features portraits of Elizabeth Rose (pictured), Washington, Lisa Mitchell, Ladyhawke, Kate Miller-Heidke, Elizabeth Rose, Little Red, Belles Will Ring, Mercy Arms and many other musos. It kicks off tonight (6-8pm) and runs through Oct. 14 at Mart Gallery @ Gallery 2010 in Surry Hills. Hours here.

– New Weird Australia companion label Wood & Wire has just released another round of free digital records. There are EPs from Sydney DJ/producer fm, Perth singer and electronic artist Kucka and found-sound-percussion Sydney producer Setec, as well as the 18-track album Somnambulist – “an investigation of sleep-states, hypnagogia and hypnopompia” – by Melbourne’s Automating.

AUTOMATING Hypnagogia by newweirdaustralia

– Ahead of their first show this year and their debut Perth performance at the This is Nowhere festival, HTRK have announced a split 12” with LA band Tropic of Cancer, coming out on their US label Ghostly International. Due in Australian record stores late this month, the Part Time Punks Radio Sessions split comes from the titular LA radio show and is already available for pre-ordering and previewing.

– Sydney blog Life Aquatic has ceased to be active, announced founder Jared Beeler on the site this week. Started in early 2010, Life Aquatic covered music affectionately and with a sharp ear for obscure greatness. Beeler will continue to sell the two releases on his label of the same name: 7”s from Sydney’s Albatross and Melbourne’s Naminé. “I guess to a large degree I’m just not inspired the way I used to be to find new music and post it to the world on a regular basis,” he wrote. Explore the full archive.

Murder by Albatross


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