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Limited to a grand total of 101 copies, this new EP from Melbourne instrumentalists Radiant City is a brief yet shining example of the kind of pervasive racket these guys are able to make; a racket that’s all the more impressive when you consider that the band are made up of just two guys (drummer Brad Marshall and guitarist Andrew McLaughlin) and that their use of overdubs and multitrack recording techniques is minimal.

‘Ninety-Seven’ eases us into things with exactly that many seconds of hushed drone and fluttering electronic soundscapes, before the disc’s title track crashes through the calm with it’s tom-heavy beat and raspy guitar. The song, in true post-rock tradition, spends two-thirds of its duration constructing masses of tension before the requisite relief reintroduces us to the group’s nastier side. The belligerent ‘Champion Motorist’ drags the EP across the finish line in spectacularly loud fashion (thanks in part to the mastering talents of one Nao Anzai, who’s perhaps best known for being the only man in Australia capable of reigning in the almost unstoppable volume of Laura).

Radiant City’s best work is still in them. With fewer Mogwai/Slint-isms than the debut and a fair bit more bite in the production stakes, Judith is a step in that direction. At the risk of sounding like Molly Meldrum, this is definitely one group to keep an eye on.