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The very mention of New Zealand music in most circles will raise references to the Flying Nun sound. Not so Dial’s circle. These Wellingtonians play a bleak uncompromising brand of post-hardcore that pays more of a nod to the destructo sounds of AmRep records than it does jangle.

While it’s not exactly inventing anything extraordinary, the calculated noise of ?Almost at the Border? – with Tali Williams scorched-earth vocals – grips you by the collar and shakes. Elsewhere on tracks like ?Sweating? and ?Permanent Opium War?, they explore more of a math-rock dirge with punishing heavy riffage.

This was a demo that was originally recorded in 2007 and re-released in June on Robotic Empire records, the Virginian label known for noisy hardcore acts such as pg99, City of Caterpillar, Red Sparowes and Torche. How they came to release a semi-obscure Wellington band that have not played together in a long time is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless the chaotic post-hardcore seems a perfect match for both band and label.