Record Reviews

Track: Bummer

There’s nothing quite like an Aleks and The Ramps track to usher in a belated spring. There’s a buoyancy to their new song, ?Bummer?, and it’s got everything to do with Joe Foley’s rubbery bass (his sister Janita has switch to keys), which anchors the track amid a flurry of the usual suspects: clean guitar, arpeggiated synths, triggered drums and some disembodied vocal samples. If last year’s brilliant single [?Antique Limb?](/releases/2000240) took its cues from Upper West Side Soweto, ?Bummer? finds the Melbourne five-piece in the Lower East, hanging out at Max’s Kansas City with New Wave innovators like Talking Heads. Aleks Bryant even embraces Byrne’s cool, deadpan delivery, relating what sounds like a tale about a jealous ex: ?He’s scum and he’s gonna mess you up/Or at least just waste your time.? The track is available for free download via [Bandcamp](, along with B-side ?Easy Now?, which sounds like they’ve been dabbling in chipmusic.